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Subject Author Title Description
Archeology Klapper, Gilbert Questions of Fraud Scientific forgeries: Devonian Conodonts and Piltdown Man              
Archeology Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon *Adventure for Two Discovery and recovery of the riches of the Spanish galleon Atocha  
Architectural History Allan, Stanley Nance At the Beginning Construction of the Washington DC Metro  
Architectural History Allan, Stanley Nance Building the Pentagon Construction of the Pentagon  
Architectural History Blew, John C. "The Emperor's New Clothes" -- Now Playing in Plano Contrary view of the viability of the Farnsworth House  
Architectural History Deen, Yolanda M. Amidst a Grove of Olive Trees Archibald Clinton Harte and the vision and construction of the Jerusalem YMCA  
Architectural History Jones, William G. The Houses in Between London's Crystal Palace.  
Architectural History Lackner, Herman H. Procrustes Frustrated Domiciles from the Cook County Jail to Guadalcanal to Valamo to the modern subdivision  
Architectural History Wrobleski, Donald von F. A Little House in the Country The Farnsworth House  
Architectural History Wrobleski, Donald von F. Home and the Chicago Bungalow History and description of the Chicago bungalow  
Art History Deen, Yolanda M. Fair Warning Christie's   
Art History Deen, Yolanda M. It's A Steal Art theft: famous cases, famous thieves, famous victims.  
Art History Dryer, Joel S. Again & Again Recovery of a missing art work  
Art History Dryer, Joel S. How Do We Find Mr. Parker? Lawton Parker  
Art History DuBrul, E. Lloyd *Stroke of Flame Lascaux cave art  
Art History Greenblatt, Ray H. The Vanishing Trove: Reviled Heroes, Revered Thieves Takla Makan  
Art History Hutchinson, Charles Lawrence *Art and Artists Reflections on art  
Art History Mullaney, Thomas From Floor to Ceiling Leo and Gertrude Stein  
Art History Mumford, Luigi High Art The process of moving art between museums for shows and exchanges  
Art History Rutherford, R. Calvert A Celebration of Life Character and celebration of Mexican folk art.  
Art History Thompson, Michael The Grave Discovery and sale of 19 watercolors by  William Blake.  
Art History Wilson,  John S. Rue 28 Vignon Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Impressionist art dealer  
Biography Andrews, James H. God Tempers the Wind to the Shorn Lamb Biography of James Harper Andrews  
Biography Andrews, James H. Three Bears Three influential Californians of the 20th century: Earl Warren, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.  
Biography Ballowe, James A Man of Salt and Trees Life and values of Joy Morton  
Biography Barnhart, William E. Tales of Hoffman Judge Julius Hoffman  
Biography Barrington, L. F. Barry A Puckish Sage William Allen White  
Biography Chatham, Donald Table Manners Origins and anecdotes of the Algonquin Round Table.  
Biography Conway, Teresa Portrait Angermann family  
Biography Dodd, William Edward *Robert J. Walker, Imperialist. Biography of Jackson's Secretary of the Treasury  
Biography Dryer, Joel S. Spectacular James Morrison Steele MacKaye   
Biography Guthrie, Gayle E. Suzie, Lucy and Liz Women's suffrage movement  
Biography Hanes, Susan R. My Persistent Phantom Wilkie Collins  
Biography Haskin, Warren Big Little Man Samuel Insull  
Biography Houle, Cyril O. The  Founder Montaigne  
Biography Jones, William G. Dr. Bright's Patient Isambard Kingdom Brunel, with reference to Dr. Richard Bright and the kidney affliction he described.  
Biography Kitt, F. Theodore Michael O'Shaughnessy Biography of an engineer instrumental in developing San Francisco's water supply.  
Biography Kritzberg, Barry Wa-Tho-Huck, in Chicago and Elsewhere Jim Thorpe  
Biography Lackner, Herman H. Pushy Women Three women from St. Petersburg  
Biography Lewis, Edwin Herbert *William Vaughn Moody Promethean myth in the author's work  
Biography Liebson, Philip Robert The Two Bodies Biographies of and comparison of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Ernst Hartwig Kantorowicz.  
Biography Malkinson, Frederick D. *Paternity, U.S.A. Establishment of the myth of George Washington  
Biography McMillan, Florence Thorns Among Roses Five influential women: Bertha Honore Palmer; Medora, Marquise de Mores; Alice Roosevelt; Dorothy Parker; Gloria Steinem  
Biography Morrissey, Corinne Frankie and Nellie Were Not Lovers Life and family of Earl B. Dickerson  
Biography Notz, John K. Jr. Henry Lord Gay, F.A.I.A. Biography of the late 19th century Chicago and Geneva Lake architect.  
Biography Notz, John K. Jr. William Le Baron Jenney -- A Man for All Seasons First-hand' account of the life of architect and engineer William Le Baron Jenney  
Biography Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon Revolutionary Remarks Biography of Clarence Darrow  
Biography Peck, Claude J. September Song Life of Peter Stuyvesant  
Biography Prescott, Richmond The Self Shelf Discussion of diaries  
Biography Quattrocchi, Edward A. Utopia in Chicago Italians of the 16th century:  Vespucci, Manutius and Mirandola  
Biography Reiffel, Leonard The Eye of the Beholder: An Eye of Scenes Unseen Walter McCrone  
Biography Schwartzberg, Hugh J. *The Invisible Advocate: Richard V. Gilbert Richard Gilbert  
Biography Schwarzer, William W. The Most Hated Man in England Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's chief minister and advisor who was beheaded in 1540  
Biography Spofford, Richardson L. Intrepid Women -- No. 1 Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell  
Biography Spofford, Richardson L. Master of the Slave Ship John Newton  
Biography Strong, Robert K. Jr. A Life In Music Musical biography of Ludwig Beethoven  
Biography Taubeneck, G. Gregory Man with a Black Bag Leo Burnett  
Biography Thomas, Stephen P. Chicago's Oregon Trail Lorado Taft and the Eagles Nest group at Oregon Illinois  
Biography Tyre, William H. A Voice from the Past: Rediscovering the Writings of John Jacob Glessner Life, career, home, and writings of John Jacob Glessner  
Biography Wilson,  John S. Faithful Faithless Famous Friendship of GB Shaw, Dame Laurentia MacLachlan, and Sydney Carlyle Cockerell   
Book Review Deen, Yolanda M. Madness Mad Men; a television comedy.  
Book Review Ebeling, Charles Bozzy's Last Lap  "James Boswell, The Great Biographer – 1789-1795"  
Book Review Maher, David W. Mantissa Book review: "Mantissa"  
Book Review Maher, David W. Meditations on Hunting and The Tender Carnivore Book Review: "Meditations on Hunting" and "The Tender Carnivore"  
Book Review Maher, David W. The French Lieutenant's Woman Book Review: "The French Lieutenant's Woman"  
Book Review Maher, David W. The Making of Moral Theology Book review: "The Making of Moral Theology"  
Book Review Sullivan, Peggy Rudyard Kipling's "Kim"  
Books Blew, John C. Howes' --- The Man (and Woman) Behind the Book Book collecting  
Books Kritzberg, Barry I've Got a Little List Book lists  
Books Thompson, Michael Out of Print Out of print books  
Chicago History Baer, Arthur Alois The Great Evergreen Park Train Robbery Evergreen Park crime  
Chicago History Bailey, Orville T. *Migration and Nemesis Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, murderer  
Chicago History Bosch, Jennifer Marjorie Secrets and Lies of the Second City: Cultural Deceptions in Four Acts Crosby's Opera House; the origin of the Chicago Library; Samuel Gross and Cyrano de Bergerac; Samuel Insull and Citizen Kane  
Chicago History Burley, Augustus H. The Cairo Expedition Chicago's response to the start of the Civil War  
Chicago History Cannon, Douglas R. Nazis on the Northshore An intense exploration of the violent white supremacist Nazi movement on Chicago's northshore.  
Chicago History Carlson, John W. A Couple of Old Landmarkers History of Chicago landmarks  
Chicago History Carrow, Leon A. Sell It or Smell It The Water Street Market  
Chicago History Carton, Robert W. *A Good-Hearted Man Dr. James Herrick  
Chicago History Davis, Richard S. Screwed Up Raising the streets of Chicago out of the native swamp in the 1850's and 1860's.  
Chicago History Dryer, Joel S. Founders First art show in Chicago  
Chicago History Dryer, Joel S. The Story You Don't Know About a Place We All Love Legal foundations of The Art Institute  
Chicago History Dryer, Joel S. Too Long In Coming Amos Alonzo Stagg and football at the University of Chicago  
Chicago History Gross, Ted The Auditorium Theater and Roosevelt University Discussion of the ownership of the Auditorium Theater  
Chicago History Jones, William G. Some Fields Are in the City Architecture of the UIC campus  
Chicago History Lackner, Francis A. Jr. Out of  the Chrysalis: The Birth of Millennium Park Origin of Chicago's Millennium Park  
Chicago History Loesch, Frank J. Personal Experiences during the Chicago Fire Chicago Fire of 1871  
Chicago History McConnell, Thomas Chalfont *Luck and Witless Virtue vs. Guile:  In Which an English Clergyman Proves the Nemesis of John …("Jake the Barber") Factor, Alias J. Wise, Alias H. Guest The downfall of Jake 'The Barber' Factor  
Chicago History Mumford, Manly W. The Old Family Fire Chicago fire of 1871  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. "Eagle Forgotten," Rediscovered John Peter Altgeld  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. A Beginning, an End, and Another Beginning Marion Mahony Griffin, Architect  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. A Failure at the Hand of the Dead: The Support of the Arts by the Crane Siblings The Crane siblings support of the arts  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. A Second Fifty Years History of the Lake Geneva Country Club  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. Charles Hutchinson and His Professionals Impact of Charles Hutchinson on the careers of leading landscape designers  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. Did 'Success'  Spoil Theodore Dreiser? Or from Dreiser to Yerkes to Cowperwood -- A Triple Play Biography of Charles Tyson Yerkes  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. Go West, Young Man, Go West: Cincinnati to Chicago Drain of intellectual talent from Cincinnati to Chicago for greater economic reward.  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. Prairie on the Lakes Prairie School architecture at Geneva Lake  
Chicago History Notz, John K. Jr. To Cathect or Not to Cathect Jens Jenson  
Chicago History Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon I'll Think of Something: Marching to Zion John Alexander Dowie, faith healer, evangelist, and founder of Zion, Illinois  
Chicago History Raven, Seymour S. Scrimmage with Self-Image Disabusing the gangster image of Chicago through musical and other achievements.  
Chicago History Schlegel, Stephen J. How a Golf Course Got Its Name Biography of Billy Caldwell, early Chicago settler.  
Chicago History Stern, Harry L. Nur Senf History of David Berg hot dogs and their connection to Chicago baseball.  
Chicago History Straus, Francis H. II Central Greenery, Public Space, and a View Montgomery Ward and the open space of Grant and Dearborn Parks  
Chicago History Thomas, Stephen P. Rolling Down the (Illinois) River Geologic, cultural and human history of the Illinois River.  
Chicago History Wasik, John F. Samuel Insull and the Creation of the Modern Age The vision of Insull in the creation of the electric era.  
Chicago History Wright, Samuel Henry *A Local Phase of Labor Combination Study of the Building Trades Council in Chicago, 1900  
Club History Baer, Arthur Alois Mr. Gookin and the Monetary System Banking, Money, Federal Reserve  
Club History Ball, Roger E. A Literary Club for a New Millennium CLC and the future  
Club History Barnhart, William E. Our Fellow Arthur Baer  
Club History Barnhart, William E. Public Member Frank Loesch, Chicago Crime Commission  
Club History Bing, Franklin C. Robert Collyer, Our First President Collyer  
Club History Even, Francis A. The Life and Times of Edwin Channing Larned 1820-1884 Edwin Channing Larned  
Club History Getzoff, William M. A Literary Puzzle Cliff Dwellers founding  
Club History Hurley, Stephen Edward The Literary Club History of Literary Clubs  
Club History King, Willard LeRoy *Our Most Famous Lady The career of Caroline Louise Dudley Carter  
Club History Lackner, Herman H. Home of the Brave Early architects of Chicago who were members of or related to members of the Chicago Literary Club.  
Club History Quattrocchi, Edward A. Whirligig of Time Relationships of CLC, the Caxton Club, and the University Club  
Club History Reed, Charles Bert *Inaugural Address Nature of a literary club  
Club History Reiffel, Leonard Turn Down an Empty Glass 125th Anniversary closing paper  
Club History Shilton, Earle Astor *A Twenty-Minute History of the Chicago Literary Club Brief history of CLC to the late 1950s  
Club History Straus, Francis H. II Some Sixty-six Chicago Literary Club Papers Papers presented by Straus family and antecedents  
Club History Thaler, Michael "A Mugwampish Tendency": 100 Years of The Chit-Chat Club Chit Chat Club papers and history from its founding.  
Club History Thaler, Michael Progress Is Our Most Important Product Biographies of two former Chit Chat Club members: Saunders and Leake  
Club History Wild, Payson Sibley *An Early Literary Club The Rome Literary Club with inferences to our own  
Communication Lackner, Francis A. Dear Sir, You Cur Effective letter-writing  
Communication Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon Voices The voice and a career as a voice-over actor  
Computers/Internet Lackner, Francis A. Jr. Jake 'The Barber' and the Electronic Frontier Musings on the Future of The Chicago Literary Club in an Electronic World  
Computers/Internet Maher, David W. *Reporting to God Origin of the Internet  
Computers/Internet Maher, David W. False Gods Conflicts for control of the nascent Internet between Network Solutions and ICAAN.  
Computers/Internet Mumford, Manly W. On Line The origin and nature of the Internet  
Cultural Change Allan, Stanley Nance China*Today Hong Kong turnover  
Cultural Change Benet, Thomas A Where Did the Thunder Go? Decline of the newspaper editorial  
Cultural Change Jordan, Robert H. Jr. The Length of Each Broadcast News Paradigm Is Shorter Than the Preceding One Changes forced on journalism by 'improvements' in communications technology   
Cultural Change Pearce, Stephen S. The Paradox of the Perpetual Revolution: Change vs. Resistance The need to recognize the necessity of change to keep institutions fresh and vibrant.  
Cultural Change Shugg, Roger W. *Slavery Negro slavery in America; effect on slaves and descendants  
Cultural Change Thomas, Stephen P. *America's Last Natural Man The story of Ishii; last Yahi Indian  
Economic Analysis Barnhart, William E. The Briar Patch Executive Compensation  
Economic Analysis Gookin, Frederick William *Our Defective American Banking System:  A Diagnosis and a Prescription. Economic analysis and proposal for centralized national bank  
Economic Analysis Morse, James Capitalism Review of the meaning and history of capitalism.  
Economic Analysis Prescott, Richmond Capital Punishment Global capitalism and its ramifications in the world  
Economic Analysis Prescott, Richmond Homo Economicus A discussion of economists'  theories and human nature  
Education Greenblatt, Ray H. Havoc or Chaos? Inner-city education  
Education Gross, Ted The University President: Officeholder or Risktaker? Challenges of leadership  
Education Maher, David W. The IQ Iroquois Club at Harvard College  
Education Prossnitz, Howard Brian Fords Haverford College  
Education Seidner, Francis Colleges and Universities Issues in higher education.  
Essay Clubs Cruciger, Marc Petty Essay Clubs of the United States Origin, character and future of essay clubs, with listing of those known.  
Essay Clubs Cruciger, Marc Petty Socrates, Would You Like to Join the Chit Chat Club? A subtle discussion on Platonic philosophy that also deals with "essay clubs."  
Essay Clubs Hurley, Stephen Edward The Literary Club History of Literary Clubs  
Essay Clubs Jay, Stephen J. “Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms” (Sherlock Holmes) Origin and nature of literary clubs; source of Doyles' "A Literary  Party at Sir Joshua Reynolds"  
Essay Clubs Patton, Robert Gray By the Light of the Moon The Lunar Society of Birmingham, England  
Ethics Jonsen,Albert R. A Wisdom Gay and Sociable Humor and aging   
Ethics Jonsen,Albert R. Cell Wars An Ethical/philosophical discussion of the 9/11 Bombing with reference to D. Bonhoeffer's thoughts  
Ethics Jonsen,Albert R. Fetuses, Physicians, Felons Discussion of what an ethicist does  
Ethics Jonsen,Albert R. He Doesn't Eat Here The ethical dilemmas of truth telling in the shielding or hiding of priests in Elizabethan England in order to prevent their execution.  
Ethics Jonsen,Albert R. The Cloning of Coblenz A discussion of casuistry, a branch of moral philosophy prominent in the Middle Ages and dealt a blow by Pascal  
Exploration Lackner, Francis A. Beyond the Black Stump Australian exploration  
Exploration Lackner, Francis A. Deep Perils Commentary by a fomer captain of the reasons for a captain and crew to abandon ship.  
Exploration Lackner, Francis A. Northwest -- Or North? Efforts to explore the Northwest Passage.  
Exploration Lackner, Francis A. Tourist? Exploration as contrasted with tourism, and the challenges of discovery.  
Exploration Lackner, Francis A. Who? Where? Why? The rationale for exploration, whether the Poles, the Pacific, or other unexplored areas.  
Fiction Barrington, L. F. Barry A SouthWind-Elves Tale    
Fiction Green, Theophilus Blues for a Policeman    
Fiction Green, Theophilus The Death of the Reverend Doctor John Ellen Profrock    
Fiction Grossman, Robert M. City Boy  
Fiction Grossman, Robert M. Paul to Saul Fictional story of a Jewish young man coming of age in the Air Force in Morocco.  
Fiction Grossman, Robert M. The Science of Gerontology  
Fiction Guthrie, Gayle E. A New Creation    
Fiction Guthrie, Gayle E. It Isn't Easy Being Free    
Fiction Guthrie, Gayle E. Widow's Walk    
Fiction Moroney, Jay Milledufleur of the Mossad    
Fiction Phillips, Glen H. Triptych Three short stories.  
Fiction Pond, Irving Kane A Strange Fellow Encounter of a burglar and a broker.  
Fiction Saxena, Amod The Face in the Mirror Celebration of life in the aftermath of the Indian Partition  
Fiction Saxena, Amod Smile for Me! Murder mystery with a international medical twist.  
Fiction Shain, Murray M. The Whip Mountain Saga Biography of Errol Hemmelberg, aka Whip Mountain, bad guy of movie Westerns.  
Fiction Thomas, Stephen P. Family Values: A Story for Our Time    
Fiction Thompson, James E. Crossroads    
Geneology Boutell, Henry Sherman *A Deserted Village Colonial New England  
Geneology Lackner, Herman H. Latin Farmers Nineteenth century German immigrants to Missouri  
Geneology Tomes, Jim S. Serendipity Growth of the Tomes family tree  
Historical Fiction David, Henri C-E *La Douceur de Vivre under the Reign of Terror Diary of a Frech abbe during the Revolution  
Historical Fiction Schlegel, Stephen J. A Castle Guard Fictional tale of twelfth century castle life.  
History Andrews, James H. Who Knew?! Terra cotta warriors and other forgotten aspects of Chinese history and culture  
History Benet, Thomas A Thank You, Thank You Tokyo Rose, her trial and her life.  
History Breckinridge, Frank P. *Mary, the Wife (of Abraham Lincoln) Script for TV drama  
History Buecker, Robert E. Linear One, Two, Three Decyphering Minoan languages  
History Carrow, Leon A. *The Greatest Gamble Norwegian resistance fighters and the Bismarck  
History Carton, Robert W. A Voice from the South John Forsyth as epitomy of the period 1810-1840 in US history.  
History Catchpole, Hubert R. A History of the Decline and Fall of the British Empire The eclipse of the British Empire after WWI  
History Cheney, Charles Edward *A Belated Plantagenet Arthur, child of King Edward IV of England  
History Cheney, Charles Edward *A King of France Unnamed in History John I of France, a.k.a. Gianni Guccio of Siena  
History Cheney, Charles Edward *The Barefoot Maid at the Fountain Inn Love affair of Charles Henry Frankland and Agnes Surriage of Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1742  
History Cheney, Charles Edward *The Second Norman Conquest of England King John's era  
History Cohen, Isaac The False Promise of Emancipation Emancipation of Jews in French Revolution  
History Conroy, Peter V. St. Bartholomew The massacre of the French Huegenots in 1572.  
History Conroy, Peter V. The French Student's May Riot Paris student riots of May 1968  
History Conway, Teresa When Small Was Better Midland Valley Railroad  
History Crawford, Stephen C. Turpentine History of turpentine in southeast US and social consequences.  
History Diers, Arthur James *The Good King and His Heirs Tribute to the character of the Czech people exemplified in King Wenceslas and others.  
History Ebeling, Charles Breakfast with Mr. McDonald The reconciliation of Dick McDonald with McDonald's Corporation.  
History Farbman, Albert Irving Digging the Panama Canal Discussion of the early attempts and and alternate routes for the canal, as well as the construction itself.  
History Fujimoto, Ralph *Hiatus Youth in Japanese internment camp during World War II  
History Fujimoto, Ralph Celebration Enthronement of Emperor Akihito of Japan  
History Fujimoto, Ralph Ships That Pass in the Night Melville, Manjiro, and the opening of Japan  
History Gould, Arthur I. Alphabet Soup, Maya-Style Decipherment of the Maya language  
History Grayson, Marc B. *Churchill In the War Rooms Churchill's radio broadcasts  
History Grayson, Marc B. A Train Ride for Mr. Lincoln Lincoln's trip to first inaugural  
History Grayson, Marc B. Pheidippides Marathon races  
History Greenblatt, Ray H. When Harlem Was in Vogue Book Review  
History Haskin, Warren "A plague o' both" Feuds from Shakespeare to the OK Corral  
History Haskin, Warren Filibuster Aaron Burr's as example of private military expeditions in foreign nations at peace with USA.  
History Haskin, Warren Interview Hamilton-Burr duel  
History Hermann, Donald H.J. Deception and Betrayal: The Tragedy of Alger Hiss Alger Hiss  
History Hermann, Donald H.J. Having the Crown and Marrying, Too: Alternatives Available to Edward VIII During the Abdication Crisis Abdication of Edward VIII  
History Hermann, Donald H.J. The Trial of Charles I: The First War Crimes Trial Trial of Charles I  
History Holzwarth, Elsie G. Captivated and Buffaloed The fascination with Indian captivity andBuffalo Bill's Wild West Show.  
History Horn, Albert Betrayal Internment of Nisei Japanese by the USA in World War II  
History Horn, Albert The President and the Emperor Truman-MacArthur confrontation  
History King, Thomas G. The President's Judge The relationship of Abraham Lincoln to the Supreme Court, reviewing three major cases and the influence of Judge David Davis.  
History Koenigsknecht, Michael J. A Generation, Or Two… Origin, construction and effects of the Erie Canal  
History Lackner, Francis A. Julfa History of the Armenian community of Julfa in Isfahan, Iran  
History Lackner, Francis A. Kabbarli The alliance of Daisy Bates and the  Aborigines of Australia.  
History Lackner, Francis A. Vice Discussion of the Vice-Presidency of the United States.  
History Liebson, Philip Robert A Pleasure Dome Decreed Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and the interest of Europeans in the Far East  
History Liebson, Philip Robert Transformations 1939 New York World's Fair as the emblem of cultural changes in the pre-War period.  
History Lyons, Arthur What If Fortuitous events of history examined with a medical bent.  
History Malkinson, Frederick D. A French-American Tale History of the Statue of Liberty  
History Malkinson, Frederick D. Divided We Stood, I American Revolution as a civil war  
History Malkinson, Frederick D. Yellow Jack Influence of yellow fever on history  
History Marks, Melvin *A Jew Among the Indians Sigmund Shlesinger  
History Maser, Clark April, 1917: What If? Discussion and effects of violations of US neutrality by German submarine fleet in April 1917  
History Maser, Clark Brush Up Your Thucydides Discussion of the causes of wars  
History Maser, Clark King Canute and the Tipping Point Discussion of immigration, population growth and its impacts  
History Maser, Clark The Price of Loyalty A discussion of what happened to those loyal to the Crown during and after the American Revolution.  
History McKenzie, Kirk Armies of the Night 1967 March on the Pentagon  
History McLaughlin, Andrew C. III Thoughts on the Formation of the State of Iraq Formation of the nation of Iraq and character of its peoples.  
History Megan, Charles P. *Murder in the Tower Edward IV and Richard III  
History Morse, James Abraham Lincoln, What If The assasination of Lincoln.  
History Morse, James Are All Men Created Equal? Exploration of the phrase in the Declaration of Independence  
History Morse, James Gettysburg, What If? Gettysburg as the turning point of the Civil War and potential results had the Union lost.  
History Morse, James The New Millennium Review of the coming millennium from the perspective of the past century.  
History Morse, James We Need a Good War Benefits and effects of a 'good war'.  
History Mumford, Manly S. The Skull of a Buffalo The nature of buffalo  
History Mumford, Manly W. *The Menehune Prehistoric peoples of Hawaii  
History Mumford, Manly W. Moral Dilemmas: To Cross Caesar on crossing the Rubicon  
History Mumford, Manly W. Temple Abu Simbel  
History Nell, Patricia Ann Border Crossing Role of women in warfare through history  
History Nissen, William J. Last Seen in the Bermuda Triangle The Story of the Norwegian Four –  
History Pado, Thomas F. Hot Air History and recollections of work at the the Gary Works of US Steel  
History Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon Justice and Mercy Biography of Daniel E. Sickles, his murder of Philip Barton Key, and one of the celebrated trials of the 19th century.  
History Puttkammer, Ernst Wilfred *The Notorious Colonel Blood Restoration era scalawag, Thomas Blood  
History Puttkammer, Ernst Wilfred *The Princes of Thurn and Taxis Origin of the postal system  
History Reiffel, Leonard *Zona Aftemath of Chernobyl  
History Reinhardt, Richard What Was a Newspaper? History of the San Francisco Chronicle  
History Rheinstein, Max *Inside Germany, 1914-1918 Recollections of WWI Germany  
History Rogal, Helen R. Full Circle Cades Cove  
History Rutherford, R. Calvert An Historical Crime Andalusian Islamic culture of the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries as the source of Western culture.  
History Rutherford, R. Calvert From Francis to Perry Japan's reluctant opening to the Western world.  
History Rutherford, R. Calvert The Strange Story of Santiago de Compostela History and influence of the shrine at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  
History Rutherford, R. Calvert Walls Three walls from history with thoughts on the walls of today.  
History Saxena, Amod Revolt and Revenge 1857 Sepoy Mutiny/1st War of Independence  
History Schmitt, Bernadotte Everly *Interviewing the Authors of the War Discussions with the heads of state at the opening of World War I, after the war.  
History Schram, John A. Election Year 1800 Consequences of the election of 1800  
History Schram, John A. The Lincoln Douglas Debates The famous debates as catalyst to Lincoln's development and the 1860 election.  
History Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Mercy's Revenge Mercy Otis Warren and the history of the American Revolution  
History Schwartzberg, Hugh J. One Founding Father, Invisible, with Liberty and Justice for All James Wilson, one of the unsung Founding Fathers of the United States.  
History Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Slavery and the Three Colonels Ethics of slavery as seen in Washington, Jefferson, and James Wilson.  
History Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Take Pride James O. Wilson and the early history of Illinois.  
History Schwartzberg, Hugh J. VL:B4 Vachel Lindsay's discourse on Bryan and the McKinley campaign of 1896.  
History Schwartzberg, Steven J. White Sand and Red Clay The Cherokee removal of 1838; debates and issues leading up to a pivotal point in Indian relations.  
History Schwarzer, William W. Mr. Polk's War The acquisition of western lands from Mexico  
History Schwarzer, William W. SUPCTHIS John Marshall and the establishment of the Supreme Court.  
History Sheldon, Wylie Straining to Atone Discussion of the origin and practice of Native American gaming, especially in California.  
History Spofford, Richardson L. A Unique Survivor Bayeux Tapestry  
History Spofford, Richardson L. Navvies Nineteenth century English construction workers  
History Straus, Francis H. II A Witch or Not Salem withc trials; Elizabeth Jackson Howe  
History Straus, Francis H. II Burke and Wills, and Lewis and Clark Australian exploration  
History Straus, Francis H. II Howe's War American Revolution  
History Straus, Francis H. II Poplar Forest Discussion of Jefferson and his 'second' estate at Poplar Forest  
History Straus, Francis H. II Was Necessity Necessary? Fort Necessity and George Washingon's early military career  
History Sullivan, Charles As If He Had Seen It Before; Deconstructing the "First Voyage" of Christopher Columbus Analysis of Columbus' 1492 voayage  
History Swanstrom, Thomas Evan Remember the Maine … Boundary Border disputes on Maine's northern border  
History Swing, David *A True Love Story Linda Mellet and Chateaubriand's ante-bellum love story  
History Thomas, Stephen P. And the Winner Is… Presidential trivia, Electroal College arcana, and reflections on the elections of 1968 and 1972  
History Thomas, Stephen P. Surveying the Scene Settlement of the Northwest Territory  
History Ungashick, John M. The Perfect Heresy History and beliefs of the Cathars of 12th century France.  
History Wilson,  John S. *The Importance of a Hat Principles of William Penn  
History Wilson,  John S. Foot-Notes Forcible deportation of Quakers during American Revolution  
History Zeisler, Sigmund *Reminiscences of the Anarchist Case Chicago anarchist bombing of May 4, 1886.  
History Zucker, David B. And That's the Way It Was… Nomination of Dwight Eisenhower in 1952  
History Zucker, David B. With Muffled Oars Family sacrifices of presidential candidates in the early years of the Republic.  
Horticulture Bailey, Orville T. *Chance Favors the Prepared Mind Joseph Paxton, horticulturalist  
Horticulture Mason, Arthur J. A Corn Belt without Corn The need for crop selection to promote sustainable agriculture.  
Horticulture Mason, Arthur J. Is the U.S. a Permanent Country, Like North Europe? The need for soil retention and erosion control in the US to prevent desertification.  
Horticulture Mason, Arthur J. Some Studies in Agriculture by a Non-Farmer The value of curing in agriculture.  
Horticulture Straus, Francis H. II Tulbend Tulips  
Human Dynamics Carton, Robert W. Leadership Alexander MacKenzie  
Human Dynamics Lowrance, Michelle F. Eliciting Good Karma Means to understand the breakup of personal relationships.  
Human Dynamics Maher, Chauncey C. Louie Story of a small-town woman with many lovers  
Human Dynamics Swing, David The History of Love Educaction as the impetus to love beyond the physical impulse.  
Humor Chatham, Donald Cold Beet Soup History of Borscht Belt comedians, with examples of their work.  
Humor Greenblatt, Ray H. In the Eye of the Beholder -- Figure and Ground Humor in politics and the law  
Humor Malkinson, Frederick D. Something Light: Comedy Tonight Growth of the radio as an entertainment form, especially in humor  
Humor Mumford, Manly W. *The Unobservable Force The movement of lost items  
Humor Shilton, Earle Astor *Once in a Lifetime Schmaltz's Snore Stopper and its discovery  
Intellectual Reflection Ball, Roger E. *Across the Boundary Creativity at the boundaries of disciplines  
Intellectual Reflection Ball, Roger E. *The Legacy of Daedalus Limits of technology  
Intellectual Reflection Ball, Roger E. The Improbable It Ancient logical puzzles  
Intellectual Reflection Ball, Roger E. The Masks of Erato Creativity in literature  
Intellectual Reflection Brown, Edward Osgood *De Senectute Reflections on age  
Intellectual Reflection Chatham, Donald Curmudgeon, Heal Thyself A cynic’s perspective on the ups and downs of “moving on.”  
Intellectual Reflection Ciric, Ivan The Will to Live The will to live as a Law of Nature.  
Intellectual Reflection Clark, J. Wendell Fashion Discussion of fashion as the arbiter of taste in matters physical and intellectual.  
Intellectual Reflection Cruciger, Marc Petty Postmodernism - Have We Seen the End of It? Intellectual history of Post-modernism from its sources and birth in 1960's to decline in 1990's.  
Intellectual Reflection Hayman, Daniel A Mimetic Tradition Books and mental development  
Intellectual Reflection Hayman, Daniel Grapes Selection of books for intentional reading  
Intellectual Reflection Hungerford, Harold Roe *Conversation Conversation as an ongoing art and value  
Intellectual Reflection Hungerford, Harold Roe *Sheep, Goats, and Chinese Encyclopedias Imperfection  
Intellectual Reflection Hungerford, Harold Roe Though China Fall Re-affirmation of 'the nature of things' in language, James Joyce and Chinese philosophy.  
Intellectual Reflection Hurley, Stephen Edward Quiet, Please Favorite authors, pleasures of reading.  
Intellectual Reflection Husser, Wendy Cowles So Many Men; So Little Time Adventures with favorite authors.  
Intellectual Reflection Jones, Alan Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus! Reflections on the joy and purpose of life through Francis Church, G K Chesterton and Irving Berlin  
Intellectual Reflection Jonsen,Albert R. The Spotless Mind Leisure and the life of the mind.  
Intellectual Reflection Josephs, Devereux Doffing the Wig Satiric hoaxes and their darker cousins.  
Intellectual Reflection Koenigsknecht, Michael J. Now and Then Personal development from classical roots with experience of his father.  
Intellectual Reflection Koenigsknecht, Michael J. Who Knew?! Emotional and cultural limits to stepping into new intellectual territory   
Intellectual Reflection Lackner, Herman H. *Day by de Senectute Age and aging  
Intellectual Reflection Lackner, Herman H. Disparate Measures Units of measure  
Intellectual Reflection Liebson, Philip Robert *Cityscapes Nature of Cities  
Intellectual Reflection Liebson, Philip Robert It's About Time The relative concept of time  
Intellectual Reflection Liebson, Philip Robert Location, Location, Location: A Study in Triple Rhythm A reflection on repetition of three in life and literature.  
Intellectual Reflection Liebson, Philip Robert Mum's the Word A consideration of silence in music, literature, religion and social interaction.  
Intellectual Reflection Maher, David W. An Intriguing City Seville, Spain  
Intellectual Reflection Maher, David W. Truth Without Parallel, New mathematics  
Intellectual Reflection Maser, Clark What Governs History, Man or Fate? The title is descriptive.  
Intellectual Reflection Mumford, Manly W. Jelly Side Down The randomness of events, which by definition cannot be observed scientifically.  
Intellectual Reflection Mumford, Manly W. Rules The nature of rules  
Intellectual Reflection Orlowek, Charles Old Soldiers Lessons learned from the veterans of war, particularly WWII  
Intellectual Reflection Pargellis, Stanley  *Brown and Smith: A Socratic Dialogue Socrates on the modern world  
Intellectual Reflection Parker, Donald J. The Philosopher Aristotelian philosophy; roots, tenets, history  
Intellectual Reflection Pearce, Stephen S. The Pursuit of Happiness Happiness and the meaning of life.  
Intellectual Reflection Pond, Irving Kane Book Night    
Intellectual Reflection Pond, Irving Kane Just One Thing After Another Relationof artist and model, art and life  
Intellectual Reflection Pond, Irving Kane On Believing and Leaving    
Intellectual Reflection Quattrocchi, Edward A. *Life Imitates Art Utopian literature vs life in Plato's Republic, More's Utopia, and Orwell's 1984.  
Intellectual Reflection Ruhl, Kathleen Kehoe Hats on the Floor: Acting and Teaching Acting, teaching and English  
Intellectual Reflection Seidner, Francis The Bell and the Candle Snuffer Intellect, creativity, accomplishment and genius.  
Intellectual Reflection Seidner, Francis The Collecting Phenomenon The passion of collecting.  
Intellectual Reflection Seidner, Francis Whatever Happened to Honor? Honor as the heart of a personal code of conduct and the failure of a common moral ground in present society.  
Intellectual Reflection Thompson, James E. What Did You Expect? An exploration of expectations.  
Intellectual Reflection Thompson, James E. Whattya Know What do you know? Perception, belief and knowledge.  
Intellectual Reflection Wild, John Daniel *Pseudo-Humanism Dueling philosophical camps  
Intellectual Reflection Wild, Payson Sibley *Megistotheos and My Anima Vagula The cosmic embryonic hatchery  
Intellectual Reflection Wild, Payson Sibley *On the Hades Golf Club Portico Poetic vision of the afterlife  
Intellectual Reflection Yarros, Victor S. *Pessimism and Optimism: Fresh Treatment of an Old Subject    
Intellectual Reflection Zast, Victor A Bump in the Road Aberrations as the norm of life's road; the death of Michael Dane Allen  
Language Conroy, Peter V. Lost in Translation The foibles of translating between languages, specifically French and English.  
Language Conroy, Peter V. The Sports Lexicon A linguistic romp through the language of sports  
Language Conroy, Peter V. You Do Speak Latin! Exploration of Latin words and phrases in use today.  
Language Lackner, Francis A. Jr. Haec Nomine An exploration of the nature of names.  
Language Nissen, William J. Looking Behind the Words Exploration of the history of English with 'The Chicago Literary Club' as exemplar.  
Language Swing, David Parlez Vous Francais? The value of speaking and writing English well.  
Law Karton, Robert M. *Hearts and Flowers Appreciation of the Law  
Law Liebson, Philip Robert Excellence in the Mundane Frederic William Maitland   
Law O'Dea, Dennis M. *On Working Out A bankruptcy case  
Law Rogal, Helen R. A Somewhat Comic Tragedy, or Just a Little Anxiety Unusual divorce cases  
Libraries Sullivan, Peggy Naming the Branches Chicago library branch names  
Literary Analysis Altrochi, Rudolph *Gabriele D’Annunzio: Poet of Beauty and Decadence.    
Literary Analysis Ames, Edward Scribner *Humanism Modern day humanist thought and religion  
Literary Analysis Barnhart, William E. *Four Score Lincoln as an author  
Literary Analysis Barnhart, William E. Book Night The Big Money by John Dos Passos  
Literary Analysis Barnhart, William E. Oyez Supreme Court humor  
Literary Analysis Blumen, Daniel L. Rats in Literature: Beyond the Cloaca Rats in literature and personal experience  
Literary Analysis Borelli, Nelson Alice Psychology in Alice in Wonderland  
Literary Analysis Carlton, William Newnham Chattin *The Icelandic Sagas: Their Origin and Character Icelandic Sagas  
Literary Analysis Carton, Robert W. Up from Steventon Jane Austen  
Literary Analysis Cassell,  George Frederick *Clive Staples Lewis C.S. Lewis  
Literary Analysis Cohen, Isaac Living Well, A Voyage without Borders Paul Eluard  
Literary Analysis Conroy, Peter V. French B(ay) D(ay) Exploration of French graphic novels, or comix, thru the characters of Tintin and Asterix.  
Literary Analysis Cruciger, Marc Petty Come On! Try It! You Might Like It! The New Yorker magazine and its temptations  
Literary Analysis David, Henri C-E *Flaubert and George Sand in Their Correspondence Relationship of Flaubert and George Sand as shown in their correspondence.  
Literary Analysis David, Henri C-E *Marcel Proust Marcel Proust  
Literary Analysis Diers, Arthur James A Certain Take on Life: The Lively Ideas of William James William James  
Literary Analysis Ebeling, Charles Samuel Johnson and His 'Clubbable' Friends Samuel Johnson and The Literary Club  
Literary Analysis Franklin, James Louis Siren's Song: Music in the Writings of James Joyce James Joyce  
Literary Analysis Fujimoto, Ralph From Lucadia to Matsue -- An Odyssey Lafcadio Hearn  
Literary Analysis Greenblatt, Ray H. Black as Bat Wings Vladimir Nabokov  
Literary Analysis Halperin, George *Dostoevskiy Dostoevskiy  
Literary Analysis Halperin, George *Tolstoy Tolstoy  
Literary Analysis Halperin, George *Tourgenev Tourgenev  
Literary Analysis Haskin, Warren These Boys' Lives Childhood memoirs as works of literature.  
Literary Analysis Heath, John Reardon *The Strange Case of Thomas Wolfe Thomas Wolfe  
Literary Analysis Holzwarth, Elsie G. Providence Abraham Lincoln’s use of religious references            
Literary Analysis Houle, Cyril O. *He Alexander Pope  
Literary Analysis Josephs, Devereux The Light at the End of the Literary Tunnel Rites of passage as a theme in literature.  
Literary Analysis Kass, Amy Apfel *Sons and Fathers: The Education of Telemachos Reconciling of sons and fathers as shown in The Odyssey  
Literary Analysis King, Lester *Bernard and Peter Bernard of Clairvaux and Peter Abelard  
Literary Analysis Krieg, Wendell J.S. *"It Takes a Thief…" Rabelais  
Literary Analysis Kritzberg, Barry A Turn Down the Harbor Thoreau's educational values, skills, and foresight.  
Literary Analysis Kritzberg, Barry B-Who? B. Traven: the search for the man behind the name  
Literary Analysis Kritzberg, Barry The Case of the Rather Indiany Nose Thoreau  
Literary Analysis Lackner, Francis A. Jr. Shakespeare's Faeries Alternative view of witches and faeries in Shakespeare's work  
Literary Analysis Lackner, Herman H. Book Night Witold Rybczinski "The Most Beautiful House in the World"  
Literary Analysis Lackner, Herman H. Sack-cloth and Hashish Diaries and diarists  
Literary Analysis Larson, Robert K. *Painted Windows Robert Louis Stevenson  
Literary Analysis Lewis, Edwin Herbert *The Work of Tagore Rabindranath Tagore  
Literary Analysis Lewis, Jonathan D. The Madness of Lear and Edgar The orginality of the psychology of Shakespeare's characters  
Literary Analysis Lewis, Jonathan D. Unicorns May Be Betrayed with Trees The psychology of persuasion in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.  
Literary Analysis Liebson, Philip Robert *How Sweet It Is… Poets of World War One  
Literary Analysis Liebson, Philip Robert Hypotheses Sherlock Holmes  
Literary Analysis Liebson, Philip Robert It Was Al All the Time Ring Lardner  
Literary Analysis Liebson, Philip Robert Near Beer Comparison of Johnson and Mencken  
Literary Analysis Little, Charles Joseph *John Milton John Milton  
Literary Analysis Lyons, Phyllis Ilona Earthquakes Tanizaki Jun'ichiro and the 1923 Tokyo earthquake  
Literary Analysis Matter, Joseph A. *Henry Blake Fuller Henry Blake Fuller  
Literary Analysis McCulloch, Warren Sturgis *One Word After Another Edward Arlington Robinson  
Literary Analysis Mumford, Manly W. Beyond Reason Formation of a sound speech or essay  
Literary Analysis Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon Through Other Eyes The art of the monologue  
Literary Analysis Payne, William Morton *A Quarter-Century of English Literature Late 19th century English and American literature.  
Literary Analysis Petersen, Scott William The Best Medicine Analysis and history of humor  
Literary Analysis Pillinger, Douglass *A Golden Vessel of Great Song Edna St. Vincent Millay  
Literary Analysis Pillinger, Douglass *K.M. Katherine Mansfield  
Literary Analysis Prescott, Richmond A Hogshead of Sense? Samuel Johnson    
Literary Analysis Prescott, Richmond Two Angry Men Discussion of Samuel Clemens and “Mark Twain”  
Literary Analysis Prescott, Richmond Whiteness Discussion of Melville and Moby Dick  
Literary Analysis Quattrocchi, Edward A. Redeeming Time: Shakespeare's Golden Mean The concept of time in works of Shakespeare.  
Literary Analysis Regnery, Henry *A Prophet Without Honor in His Own Country: Francis F. Browne and THE DIAL Francis F. Browne  
Literary Analysis Regnery, Henry *To Edit or Not to Edit Theodore Dreiser's "Jennie Gerhardt"  
Literary Analysis Regnery, Henry *Wyndham Lewis: A Man Against His Time Wyndham Lewis  
Literary Analysis Reinhardt, Richard The One, The Only, The Original Don Juan Discussion of the literary and musical creations based on the character of Don Juan.  
Literary Analysis Rutherford, R. Calvert The Inventors of Romantic Love The troubadours of Occitania.  
Literary Analysis Ruxin, Paul T. * How Sam and Dave Helped Save Bill Formation of the Shakespearean canon by Johnson and Garrick  
Literary Analysis Ruxin, Paul T. An Hospitable and Well-Covered Table… The crafting of a famous dinner party by James Boswell for Samuel Jonson and John Wilkes  
Literary Analysis Ruxin, Paul T. Dorando and the Douglas Cause James Boswell and the Douglas case  
Literary Analysis Ruxin, Paul T. One Thing Leads to Another Pyramis and Thisbe from Ovid to The Fantasticks  
Literary Analysis Silverstein, Theodore *The Art of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight    
Literary Analysis Starr, Merritt, et al. *Dante Six Hundred Years After Dante  
Literary Analysis Swing, David The Greatest of the Fine Arts The value of literature.  
Literary Analysis Thomas, Stephen P. Henry in Love: A Thoreau Tableau Vivant Exploring Thoreau through characters that knew him well.  
Literary Analysis Thomas, Stephen P. James Joyce for Dummies James Joyce  
Literary Analysis Wagner, Clark L. *Who's There Shakespeare's Hamlet  
Literary Analysis Wagner, Clark L. *Words Strength of words and language  
Medical History Belfield, William Thomas *The Value of Mental Impressions in the Treatment of Disease Value of instinct in governing human action  
Medical History Blumen, Daniel L. Surviving American Medicine Humorous and cathartic personal reminiscence of the failings of American medicine.  
Medical History Carrow, Leon A. Tucks Biography of Dr. Beatrice Tucker; Chicago Maternity Center  
Medical History Chertow, Sheldon Krebiozen Medical Fraud  
Medical History Cruciger, Marc Petty How Little Know….Or Do We? The physiology of romantic love from the ancient Greeks to the present.  
Medical History Klooster, John W. Profiles: Mayo, et al. Profile of the Mayo Clinic  
Medical History Maher, Chauncey C. A Man of Good Will Biography of Dr. Weller Van Hook  
Medical History McCulloch, Warren Sturgis *The Past of a Delusion Issues in psychiatry  
Medical History Patton, Robert Gray The Gene Is in the Bottle The history and future of genetics.  
Medical History Perlman, Robert L. *Why We Get Sick Evolutionary orogins of health and disease  
Medical History Prescott, Richmond Einthoven, Enthoven, and Entitlement A discussion of the economics of health care in the US  with respect to advances in medicine   
Medical History Reed, Charles Bert *Albrecht von Haller: A Physician--Not Without Honor    
Medical History Strong, Robert K. Jr. Blind Chance or Divine Retribution The Black Death  
Medical History Susmano, Armando The Dark Urines of 1776 Porphyria in English royal bloodline, particularly George III, and its effects on history.  
Medical History Warren, Sherwyn E. Carrel of Discontent Biography of Dr. Alexis Carrel  
Musical History and Analysis Barnhart, William E. Fifth String History and leading artists of the five-string banjo  
Musical History and Analysis Franklin, James Louis Mozart, Mesmer and Medicine Mesmer in Mozart's Operas  
Musical History and Analysis Franklin, James Louis Sing High, Sing Low Role and origin of castrati in bel canto opera and religious music of the 16th-18th century.  
Musical History and Analysis Franklin, James Louis The Sound of One Hand Clapping: Meditations on Sinistrality The left hand in music and in life  
Musical History and Analysis Klapper, Gilbert The Music Was Not to Blame Dmitri Shostakovich  
Musical History and Analysis Lyons, Arthur Words and Music The enduring attraction of Gilbert and Sullivan.  
Musical History and Analysis Maher, David W. *The Don Mozart's "Don Giovanni"  
Musical History and Analysis McKenzie, Kirk Is There A Crisis In the Performing Arts? The Case of Opera and Symphony Orchestras Challenges facing opera companies and symphony orchestras.  
Musical History and Analysis Raven, Seymour S. *Crescendos and Dim Innuendos Stories of conductors offstage  
Musical History and Analysis Safrit, Henry F. The Romantic Era in Music With an emphasis on German Romantic Music.  
Musical History and Analysis Susmano, Armando G..B..D… Reflections on  his own composition style  
Musical History and Analysis Susmano, Armando Two 2 Tango History of the Tango  
Musical History and Analysis Tomashefsky, C. Steven Dog Days Celebration of the Blues as a musical form and the culture of The Delta from which it sprang, and the author's involvement.  
Musical History and Analysis Wagner, Suzanne L. Baroque Idol: The Little-Known, Barely Remembered, Oft-Disregarded Origins of Reality TV Handel and Bononcini: Muzio Scevolo  
Natural History Carton, Robert W. What Time Was It? Reflections on the development of the Earth as shown in "Evolving Planet" at the Field Museum  
Natural History Jessup, Theodore *Illinois State Parks Need for expansion of state park system in Illinois  
Natural History Lyons, Arthur It's for the Birds The joys of bird-watching.  
Natural History Pond, Irving Kane The Whale -- A Study Nature of whales  
Natural History Wagner, Clark L. *Carp Wars Invasion of invasive fish species  
Natural Resources McMillan, Florence Simple with Bells On Development of the Bakken Oil Shale of North Dakota  
Non-fiction Bowman, James H. The Florsheim Shoe Story Florsheim Shoe Company  
Non-fiction Bronson, Bennett Pearls Beyond Price Pearls  
Non-fiction Ebeling, Charles French Fried -- From Monticello to the Moon Appraisal of the French Fry  
Personal Reminiscence Adler, Yolanda Torrisi Accidental Pioneers A life in medicine and an account of women breaking into medicine in Chicago in the late 20th century.  
Personal Reminiscence Adler, Yolanda Torrisi Organization Organizing family memories and mementoes.  
Personal Reminiscence Aryaputri, Narveen Life on the Mississippi: The New Millennium Selections from The Big Black Book of the Quincy Institute  
Personal Reminiscence Bailey, Percival *Harun-al-Rashid Happiest days in life  
Personal Reminiscence Ball, Roger E. *Anchors Awry Naval experiences in World War II  
Personal Reminiscence Ball, Roger E. An Accidental Imrperialist Phillipine War 1898-1900  
Personal Reminiscence Barrington, L. F. Barry Desperately Seeking Jupiter Pluvius Dust-bowl Kansas youth  
Personal Reminiscence Batko, Anthony J. *Charlie Youth on Chicago's South Side  
Personal Reminiscence Bauman, Gerald I. A Day with Richard Adventures with a neer-do-well financier.  
Personal Reminiscence Carrow, Leon A. Road Toward Maturation Humboldt Park youth  
Personal Reminiscence Carrow, Leon A. Work Hard, Play Hard Cook County Hospital internship  
Personal Reminiscence Carton, Robert W. Innocents in the Garden of Beasts A college trip to Germany in the summer of 1939 as a precursor to World War II  
Personal Reminiscence Carton, Robert W. On the Road to LeRoy A trip as the metaphor for the details of life.  
Personal Reminiscence Diers, Arthur James The Hard and the Soft of It Germanic character and intellect in history and in the character of his father.  
Personal Reminiscence Ebeling, Charles Acceleration The early growth of Toyota as it entered the US market, with recollections of its public relations efforts.  
Personal Reminiscence Ebeling, Charles All That Glitters… Experiences as a lieutenant in the Army during the Viet Nam war.  
Personal Reminiscence Gibson, Lewis E. The Couch In the Kennel Canine psychology  
Personal Reminiscence Gifford, Sanford Robinson *Garlic and Old Horse Blankets Youth in Omaha  
Personal Reminiscence Grossman, Robert M. The Catholic Owl and the Jewish Pussycat Exploring Catholic and Jewish pasts on a trip to Poland and Belarus in 1997
exploring Catholic and Jewish pasts on a trip to Poland and Belarus in 1997
Personal Reminiscence Hedberg, C. Anderson *Notes from a Road Show A physician travels with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra  
Personal Reminiscence Hedberg, C. Anderson My Basement Fascinating artifacts found in cleaning a basement and reflections thereon.  
Personal Reminiscence Hegyvary, Csaba *Dulce et Decorum (Memories of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution) Hungarian revolutionof 1956  
Personal Reminiscence Knospe, William H. Back to Berlin Personal experience of the physician to Rudolf Hess in postwar Berlin  
Personal Reminiscence Liebson, Philip Robert Of Time and the Lake Youthful experiences near, and reflections on, the Housatonic River in Connecticut  
Personal Reminiscence Maher, Chauncey C. La Belle World War One experiences  
Personal Reminiscence Marks, Melvin We Never Say Goodbye Fraternal bonds between WWII veterans  
Personal Reminiscence Melamed, Leo *Reflections on a World Lost Personal search for roots in pre-WWII European Jewish community  
Personal Reminiscence Nissen, William J. "Second to None" Does Not Mean "Next to Nothing" Recollections of Viet-Nam era deployment on USS Ramsey  
Personal Reminiscence Nissen, William J. Crossing the Path of a Black Cat Recollection of naval service in the Pacific theater during the Viet-Nam conflict.  
Personal Reminiscence Pado, Thomas F. Labrador Retriever Memories of military service at Goose Bay, Labrador.  
Personal Reminiscence Pond, Irving Kane The Mystery of the Light Personal reflectionof a storm and its aftermath  
Personal Reminiscence Prossnitz, Howard Brian Heroes Biography of his father  
Personal Reminiscence Quattrocchi, Edward A. An Irish Epiphany Family reunion in Ireland  
Personal Reminiscence Quattrocchi, Edward A. Making a Small Fortune in the Commodity Market Personal career in the commodity exchanges.  
Personal Reminiscence Reed, Charles Bert *Duke Canine companionship  
Personal Reminiscence Robieson, Timothy Alan …you're welcome Computers  
Personal Reminiscence Robieson, Timothy Alan Ribbons and Frogs Railroads  
Personal Reminiscence Robieson, Timothy Alan Sweepers, sweepers … Naval experiences  
Personal Reminiscence Robieson, Timothy Alan That Filling Is No Bananna Bolivian misionary work  
Personal Reminiscence Ruhl, Kathleen Kehoe Making Connections: 'You Be Mimi and I'll Be St. Louis' The journey toward self understanding in the course of retiring from a career teaching and acting  
Personal Reminiscence Saxena, Amod Learning English Process of learning English, at home and through authors such as Wodehouse, Lawrence, and Doyle.  
Personal Reminiscence Saxena, Amod The Culprit A young intern's first experience of death  
Personal Reminiscence Saxena, Amod The Invisible Enemy Death of a close medical colleague and patient  
Personal Reminiscence Saxena, Amod Walter Life story of a golf partner and fellow physician  
Personal Reminiscence Schlegel, Stephen J. Moving On Lessons learned from a 1961 cross-country bicycle trip.  
Personal Reminiscence Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Spinning the Distaff Tale Accomplishments of Joanne Schwartzberg in overcoming her daughter's congenital deafness and creating a new field of medicine as a result.  
Personal Reminiscence Shilton, Earle Astor *Boots, Shoes, and Notions General merchandising in small-town Illinois in early 20th century  
Personal Reminiscence Shilton, Earle Astor *God's Country Early days in Montana  
Personal Reminiscence Spock, Judith W. War Christmas 1943 How a cardboard christmas tree changed a family's spirit amid wartime privation.  
Personal Reminiscence Susmano, Armando On Music Writing Discussion of musical composition  
Personal Reminiscence Susmano, Armando One Summer Sunday in Lima Visit to Lima, Peru, and the Museum of the Inquisition.  
Personal Reminiscence Thomas, Stephen P. Christmas, 1944 Christmas, 1944 as emblematic of the life of his family and the country in 1945  
Personal Reminiscence Thomas, Stephen P. Strangers in the Car and Other Stories Three true-life instances in which the author is part of the story  
Personal Reminiscence Thomas, Stephen P. Thirty-two or Thirty-three Childhood reminiscence of 1948 Truman-Dewey campaign.  
Personal Reminiscence Thompson, James E. A Little Resurrection and a Little Redemption Remembrances of his father and an essay on Roy Campanella  
Personal Reminiscence Tomashevsky, C. Steven *From Meri to Milt Two formative teachers  
Personal Reminiscence Tomashevsky, C. Steven A Super Heavy Recollections of his father  
Personal Reminiscence Tomashevsky, C. Steven Easter Egg Chickens Chickens with the ability lay eggs in a range of hues.  
Personal Reminiscence Warren, Sherwyn E. *Saluting Recovery of  a jet pilot killed in a Cold War air crash  
Personal Reminiscence Wilcox, Edward Byers *An Ecclesiastical Autobiography Formative experiences in religion  
Personal Reminiscence Zummer, Anthony S, *Outdoors Youth in Kankakee  
Personal Reminiscence Zummer, Anthony S, Trouble Further adventures of a youth in Kankakee  
Poetry Barrington, L. F. Barry *Meyotzi Epic poem of an Indian maiden  
Poetry Barrington, L. F. Barry Entangling Alliances and Other Knotty Affairs Poetry Evening contributions  
Poetry Benet, Thomas A Poetry -- An Elusive Task Exploring the emotional force of poetry through the lives of three poets and their work.  
Poetry Bing, Franklin C. *I Sonnetize My Life's Iambic Prime Uses of iambic pentameter in personal life  
Poetry Chatham, Donald Poetics Poetry Night 2012  
Poetry Klapper, Gilbert Three Poems Poetry Night 2008  
Poetry Maser, Clark Summoned by Bells The Poetry of John Betjeman  
Poetry McCulloch, Warren Sturgis *The Natural Fit Poetry    
Poetry Pond, Irving Kane Poems    
Poetry Schwartzberg, Hugh J. History Through Two Eyes Only The poet 'S' and the Schwartzberg poetry salon.  
Poetry Thompson, James E. Ten Poems    
Poetry Thompson, James Westfall *Cain Discussion of Cain and a one-act play  
Poetry Warren, Sherwyn E. Poems Poetry  
Politcal Commentary Andrews, James H. House Without Windows Workings of the Illinois General Assembly  
Politcal Commentary Barrington, L. F. Barry This Is Not a Line Chaos  
Politcal Commentary Davis, Walker B. *The Reluctant Conservative Responsible conservatism  
Politcal Commentary Dryer, Joel S. Whose Land Is It Anyway Part II Israel  
Politcal Commentary Dryer, Joel S. Whose Land Is It Anyway? Israel  
Politcal Commentary Duff, Brian B. The Wolf Marks the Tundra Illinois gubnatorial race and observations  
Politcal Commentary Ebeling, Charles One Collage Too Many Arguments for abolition of the Electoral College  
Politcal Commentary Ebeling, Charles Red, White, Blue and You Color in politics; the derivation of the red and blue state political maps  
Politcal Commentary Hermann, Donald H.J. Prisoners of War The role of medical professionals in the practice of torture and coercion by the United States  
Politcal Commentary Holzwarth, Elsie G. The Jury Is Still Out The fight for women on juries, particularly in Illinois.  
Politcal Commentary Horn, Albert E Pluribus Unum The integration, or lack thereof recently, of immigrants to this country  
Politcal Commentary Horn, Albert Should We or Should We Not? Discussion of inheritance taxes.  
Politcal Commentary Mason, Arthur J. Comments of an Ore Engineer Need for reform of coal mines through use of mechanization.  
Politcal Commentary McKenzie, Kirk Playing the Devil: How Iran Came to See the United States As the ‘Great Satan,’ and How Despite This, a Nuclear Accord Might Be Reached  
Politcal Commentary McLaughlin, Andrew C. III Wet-Dry, Silver-Lead History of Prohibition and its relation to current drug policy,  
Politcal Commentary Mumford, Manly W. Conservancy Conservation trusts  
Politcal Commentary Mumford, Manly W. Government on a Far Planet Commentary on establishing a human colony beyond the solar system.  
Politcal Commentary Nelson William R. How Did We Get Here? Why democracy fails to seriously address ecoomic issues in a rational and knowlegeable way.  
Politcal Commentary Notz, John K. Jr. Sausage or Legislation? The legislative process  
Politcal Commentary O'Dea, Dennis M. *Predators Nature of political rhetoric exemplified by the Kennedys  
Politcal Commentary Prescott, Richmond The Principle of Self-Interest Rightly Understood: DeToqueville Revisited A discussion of the observations and philosophy of DeToqueville   
Politcal Commentary Puttkammer, Ernst Wilfred *Mau Mau Kenyan Mau Mau movement  
Politcal Commentary Rutherford, R. Calvert All States Are Not Created Equal Why Texas is more a state of mind than a locale.  
Politcal Commentary Safrit, Henry F. The Building Health Care Crisis in the U.S. The need for and the difficulty of reform of the health care system in the US  
Politcal Commentary Safrit, Henry F. The Gap A discussion of the educational gap in the minority population as compared to the majority  
Politcal Commentary Schram, John A. Figures of Speech Comparison of President Obama's style of speaking with Lincoln  and other Presidents.  
Politcal Commentary Schram, John A. Opening for Chit-Chat 2012 Experiences of the 2012 Presidential election  
Politcal Commentary Schram, John A. Religion and the Part It Plays In Presidential Elections Importance of religion in politics dating to King Henry VIII  
Politcal Commentary Schram, John A. Sometimes the Good Guys Wear Black Hats Human rights, diplomacy and trade.  
Politcal Commentary Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Meddling Recounting an activist life in the political arena.  
Politcal Commentary Schwartzberg, Hugh J. Throwing Money at the Problem Political action in Chicago's neighborhoods and gentrification.  
Politcal Commentary Schwarzer, William W. Money Money in politics and campaign finance reform.  
Politcal Commentary Schwarzer, William W. NATO and the Transatlantic Divide History of NATO and post-Cold War challenges it faces.  
Politcal Commentary Schwarzer, William W. The Crime of Punishment Discussion of sentencing laws and practices.  
Politcal Commentary Seidner, Francis Choosing Candidates The problem of Presidential primaries.  
Politcal Commentary Strong, William C. Birthers, Death Panels and Satanic Corporations: The Challenges of Policymaking in a Fact-Free Environment Pursuit of political consensus through reform and the art of listening well.  
Politcal Commentary Wasik, John F. The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome and the Future of Housing Causes of the housing crisis and a prescription.  
Recreation Carlson, John W. Gone Fishing Personal experiences of the sport  
Recreation Carrow, Leon A. Premature Exhilaration Baseball  
Recreation Conroy, Peter V. Name That Team Names of sports teams  
Recreation Lackner, Thomas W. Pease Porridge Hot: In praise of good plain food The pleasures of soup and plain food  
Recreation Lyons, Phyllis Ilona Food Porn, or A Memoir of My Life with Cookbooks Cookbooks and cooking equipment as objects of pleasure and desire  
Recreation Maher, Chauncey C. Matronae Agri Hobby farming  
Recreation Mumford, Manly W. Fish Eyes Senses in fish  
Recreation Nissen, William J. Wooden Magnet Background, construction and use of a personal faering.  
Recreation Petersen, Scott William I've Been Working on the Railroad Hobby of collecting autographs  
Recreation Quattrocchi, Edward A. Hope Springs Eternal Horse-racing  
Recreation Reiffel, Leonard *Will of Iron, Flesh of Stone Auctions  
Recreation Warnken, Kelly Vocation, Avocation The hobby of collecting  
Religion 1905 Brown, Edward Osgood *A Catholic’s Contribution A group of four papers on the author's religious views, 1905  
Religion 1905 Messer, Loring Wilbur *Fundamental Religious Truths Applied to Life A group of four papers on the author's religious views, 1905  
Religion 1905 Post, Louis Freeland *A Non-Ecclesiastical Confession of  Religious Faith A group of four papers on the author's religious views, 1905  
Religion 1905 Root, Frederic Woodman *Some Religious Views A group of four papers on the author's religious views, 1905  
Religion 1905 Stolz, Joseph *The Message of Judaism to the Twentieth Century A group of four papers on the author's religious views, 1905  
Religion and Faith Edge, Peter *Kyrie Eleison: St. Catherine, the Holy Mountain and the Child in the Raspberry Bush Codex Sinaiticus  
Religion and Faith Fifer, Samuel *No Questions Asked Growth of faith  
Religion and Faith Getzoff, William M. Varieties of Religious Interpretation Discssion of Biblical issues  
Religion and Faith Hermann, Donald H.J. Ganesh Nature and influence of the Hindu god Ganesh  
Religion and Faith Hermann, Donald H.J. I'm Back Theories about the Resurrection of Jesus  
Religion and Faith Jonsen,Albert R. The Damnable Paradoxe The paradox of faith against atheism, particularly in recent literature.  
Religion and Faith Lackner, Herman H. Sounding Brass or Tinkling Cymbal 1Corinthians13  
Religion and Faith Maher, David W. East and West Filioque; ecumenism between Catholic and Orthodox churches  
Religion and Faith Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap The sory of "Amazing Grace"  
Religion and Faith Schade, Stanley Greinert A Christian Reads the Koran Discussion of the Koran  
Religion and Faith Seidner, Francis Faith and Tolerance Tension between the demands of faith and the requirements of tolerance.  
Religion and Faith Seidner, Francis Heaven and Hell; Choice and Aspiration (A conversation) Discussion of Heaven and Hell  
Religion and Faith Stevers, Martin D. *Retrospect and Prospect Discussion of science and the soul  
Religion and Faith Swing, David Augustine and His Mother Transparency of the life and writings of St. Augustine  
Religion and Faith Thompson, James Westfall *The Last Pagan. Bernard of Cluny  
Religion and Faith Thompson, James Westfall *The Last Pagan: Notes to Poem.    
Religion and Faith Thompson, James Westfall *The Last Pagan: Poem    
Religion and Faith Todd, Arthur James *The Secularization of Domestic Relations: Nineteen Centuries of Church Versus Sex Family and sexual relations as defined by the Christian church  
Religion and Faith Yeomans, Charles *Faith and "The Works" in the Trial of David Swing, Heretic Swing heresy trial  
Science Beauman, William H. *The Secret of the Spring Semiochemistry  
Science Beauman, William H. Nanoculture Nano technology  
Science Beauman, William H. Syndrome X Obesity  
Science Beauman, William H. The Unkindest Cut? Castration  
Science Benet, Thomas A Science 101 Art as the precursor of science  
Science Fujimoto, Ralph In Search of En Language, linguistics, human relations  
Science Jackanicz, Theodore M. A Volkswagen for Him, A Mercedes for Her Detailed study of contraception and the human reproductive cycle.  
Science Klapper, Gilbert EUREKA and then 'DELAY' Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species': timing of his inspiration and reasons for delay in publishing.  
Science Liebson, Philip Robert It's Déjà Vu All Over Again Discussion of déjà vu and other paranormal phenomena.  
Science Lyons, Arthur Begot in the Ventricles of Memory Memory as a function of time and the brain  
Science Nelson William R. Boys and Girls Gender differences with an emphasis on recent research in this field and implications in career choices and life decisions  
Science Patton, Robert Gray Fish Out of Water Evolution of life on this planet  
Science Sheldon, Wylie A Very Likely Cause Discussion of the science behind global warming  
Science Warren, Sherwyn E. Smoke Screens: Enchantment and Menace of an American Weed Tobacco  
Science Zummer, Anthony S, Pseudoscience Inappropriate uses of scientific arguments  
Social Commentary Barnhart, William E. Sit Dog training, theory and practice.  
Social Commentary Blew, John C. Man Date Male bonding  
Social Commentary Lackner, Herman H. Crocodile Tears Murderers of the female persuasion  
Social Commentary Lackner, Herman H. Myths of Antiquity Antiques and antiquities  
Social Commentary McLaughlin, Andrew C. III An Examination of the American Character Character and values of America and the sources thereof.  
Social Commentary Mumford, Manly W. Competition Is a Loser Misuse of competition  
Social Commentary Parker, Leslie Monroe *He Needed No Wings Circus in the character of Alfredo  
Social Commentary Parker, Norman S. Nostalgia Styles in pessimism and fashions in protest  
Social Commentary Petersen, Scott William Lightly Buttered The custom of toasting  
Social Commentary Pond, Irving Kane *A Day Under the Big Top: A Study in Life and Art Life in the circus  
Social Commentary Prescott, Richmond Antis A discussion, as posed by Sophocles’s play Antigone, of the question the right of the individual to defy civil authority   
Social Commentary Prescott, Richmond Outraged Lamentations French anti-Americanism, sources and manifestations.  
Social Commentary Prescott, Richmond Story Telling: Nothing but the Truth? A discussion of history writing  and the reluctance of  the Kaiser Permanente Care Program to present the life of its complex genius, Henry J. Kaiser, warts and all.
Social Commentary Prescott, Richmond The Best Offense The results of the Grant Study of 1939   
Social Commentary Raimondi, Anthony J. *Concezio Di Rocco Italian family life  
Social Commentary Schwarzer, William W. In Search of Equality Race and affirmative action in higher education.  
Social Commentary Schwarzer, William W. Smoke and Mirrors Tobacco: issues, dangers, and dilemmas.  
Social Commentary Seidner, Francis Pumping Gas Trust and corruption in different societies.  
Social Commentary Wagner, Suzanne L. A Matter of Taste Investigations of taste, food, and eating.  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois 604 Jerusalem Peru  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois A Day in Oaxaca Mexico  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois Decline of Hvar Dalmatia  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois Flight to Zanzibar Africa  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois Inn Austria  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois The Worst Persia  
Travel Baer, Arthur Alois Title Impaired Italy  
Travel Carrow, Leon A. The Tip of the Boot Italy  
Travel Diers, Arthur James Of Clouds and Light Trip to Turkey, with reflections on Turkish character and history mixed with personal recovery.  
Travel Ebeling, Charles Masai Mara Hood Ornament Conservation Meets Big Game Tourism in Kenya   
Travel Fujimoto, Ralph A River Runs Through It Also St. Petersburg, Russia  
Travel Lackner, Francis A.   Who Goes Where? Tourism as a means to understand other peoples and nations.  
Travel Lackner, Herman H. I Came, I Saw, Who Conquered? Personal travel from Guadalcanal to Finland to Timbucktoo.  
Travel Mumford, Manly W. Afloat in Champagne French canals, wine, and a family trip to the source of Champagne.  
Travel Oakes, David Sydney *Diesel and Docile Mississippi towboats  
Travel Parker, Francis Warner *The Land of Lost Causes North Africa  
Travel Pond, Irving Kane I'm a Member of the Cruise Greece and the classical tradition  
Travel Pond, Irving Kane The Pleasures of Travel Joys of travel  
Travel Prossnitz, Howard Brian In Search of Peter Mayle Provence  
Travel Puttkammer, Ernst Wilfred Impressions of Russia in 1957 Russia as seen in a 1957 trip  
Travel Quattrocchi, Edward A. Winds of Aeolus Sicily  
Travel Rogal, Helen R. Black, White and Maybe Gray Differences in the resolution of racial tensions between South Africa and USA.  
Travel Rutherford, R. Calvert India -- Land of Extremes Impressions of India  
Travel Rutherford, R. Calvert Saved by an Earthquake Character and history of Antigua, Guatemala.  
Travel Wild, Payson Sibley *The Villa and Valley of Horace Literary travelogue  
Travel, Astronomy Fujimoto, Ralph Let's Build a Stairway to the Stars Machu Pichu  
Values Jaggers, Kenneth *Mr. Greenberg The strength of a neighborhood  
Values Lackner, Francis A. Jr. Defining Moment: Challenges and Transformations Need for challenge to define adulthood  
Values Parkhurst, Todd Sheldon The Passage Lifeline Pilots  
Values Petersen, Scott William By Two's and Three's Personal growth in learning from life's experiences.  
Wine Mumford, Manly W. De Vinorom Mulsorumque Faciendo Homemade beer and wine  
Wine Tomashevsky, C. Steven Another World Waugh Wine and wine critics, especially Harry Waugh.